Just a little post, and overdue, for which I apologize. I don’t know why I didn’t think to give thanks and credit to you sooner, my darling friend lewlew!

It’s because of a great conversation with you that I found the right name for this new/renewed blog. You willingly listened to my initial idea for a bloggy name, and you liked it and told me why. It was a name that hummed of doing one’s work daily, of staying practical and focused and simple. I liked it for that reason. I need reminders to keep on keeping on, put my shoulder to the wheel and all that.

But you knew I wasn’t quite certain. And you probed gently, wondering why not. In doing so you showed me what it was that was missing for me: a sense of charm, excitement, and freedom along with the “doing.” A touch of practical magic, you might say.

You reminded me that this is the combination that has brought good work out of me before. Like when I did my guest editor gig at Strike the Root: I wanted to offer suggestions for living in greater individual freedom now, not ceaselessly analyzing and debating politics and economics as so many “libertarians” were doing. (Have you noticed, by the way, how the picks at LewRockwell.com have become much more focused lately on how individuals can do freedom?)

And when I first started this blog under the title The Freedom Outlaw, it was the same kind of happy, “sparkly” sense of life that drove me, or led me, or both. Your sweet, savvy presence reminded me that this was so.

I just wanted to send you warm thanks, lewlew, for helping me find my way to a name, a theme, that rings true and clear in me. It is a name I want to live up to, just as you are a friend I aspire to deserve.