“I worked with Beth on Best Day Hikes near Washington, D.C. and quickly discovered that she is a dedicated author who is clearly a natural hard-worker. She employs a great seriousness and responsibility for her work, while maintaining a sense of humor and flexibility that made the book development process all the smoother.”
–Kimberly Duncan-Mooney, AMC Books Project Editor, Appalachian Mountain Club

“Thanks so much, Beth, for making our company look as good to the world as I know we are.”
–Dave Bolen, President, New World Tours, Inc.

“My wife and I certainly enjoyed meeting you and having you as our guide…Your background and knowledge are impressive and you made your commentary very meaningful. As you could probably tell, I’m an old conservative who feels we still go on a class trip to get something educational out of it — not just to raise hell. You made it very worthwhile and informative! And they had a good time in spite of it!
–Paul R., high school principal

“You TRULY are the BEST at everything you do!…WOW!”
–Deb H., educator

“You built strong relationships with the kids, were flexible and creative with your scheduling, and you participated in our silly reindeer games. Thanks.”
–Aaron H., educator

“Allow me to thank you deeply for your generous spirit, professionalism and inspiring leadership that facilitated a rich, overflowing experience for me…I had many emotionally silent moments followed by wakes of tears. We all did.”
–Lisa R., World War II veterans group organizer

“How we appreciate all your enthusiasm, kindness and knowledge…The children simply loved you!”

–Nan D., student safety patrol trip organizer

“You have helped us create wonderful memories. My mother, my daughter and I will treasure you and your trip forever.”
–Pat R., military women’s group organizer

“We wanted you to know how great Beth was! She was more than we ever expected…Your agency is blessed to have such a fine young woman representing you.

–Dona D., educator

“What a kewl time I’ve had with you. You don’t even know how much I want to learn more about history. You’ve inspired me to do my best at what I can.”
–Amanda N., student

“You made our trip so fun and meaningful! You are witty, easygoing, fun to be around, easy to understand and very knowledgeable!”

–Katie K., student

My warmest thanks and heartfelt good wishes to everyone quoted here! –Beth