Sometime in 2010 I came across this poem by 14th-century Persian Sufi master Hafiz (Hafez), and swooned…

Dropping Keys

(translated by Daniel Ladinsky)

The small man

builds cages

for everyone



While the sage,

who has to duck his head

when the moon is low,

keeps dropping keys all night long

for the





That kindly, freewheeling sage…that’s what I humbly aspire to become, someday.

I think we all find ourselves faced with some form of bitter, cramping bondage, and we all have the urge to escape, even when we don’t realize it all at once. Maybe we just need to get outdoors more. Maybe we don’t take the time to squeeze our creative juices.

Whatever our own situation, we’re all beautiful and rowdy to break out of our prisons, no matter how we came to be inside. We want out. Our spirits need out. At least once in a while.

Mostly, when I blog, it’s because I happen across tidbits from other sources that seem like good food for freespirited folks, and I pass them along with a warm cyber-kiss. Sometimes, I get a whole brainstorm of philosophical goodness from some maelstrom of the mind, and from that I scribe a long original essay-type post. (I’ve always got several of those in the draft bullpen!)

I hope you’ll enjoy this place, and maybe find a little spiritual food here.