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From Claire Wolfe, a good thoughtful read.

Funny how so often we see strength where there really is none. The globe-topping ruler? He doesn’t feel safe until he imagines he’s controlling the actions of everybody else. That’s one funny kind of “strength.” The strongest guy in the world is probably writing poetry or building a log cabin somewhere, unheard-of and unheralded because he doesn’t need anybody feeding his ego.

Petroglyphs near Chloride, AZ

Petroglyphs near Chloride, AZ

Chloride, Arizona…population 352…about 30 miles and half a world away from us here in Kingman. Nary a stoplight, no gas station, and only a convenience-store market, mostly filled with cheap souvenirs made in China.

It bills itself as a ghost town, a former mining mecca (which it apparently is – its name comes from the silver chloride ore found locally by prospectors).  They’ve built a faux old-timey town square, and every Saturday at high noon there’s a “gunfight” in the street.  (This past week, it was the Wild Roses troupe of sassy gun molls in rags and Colt .45s.) View full article »

The Kingman visitor center, 3333.33 feet above sea level

The Kingman visitor center, 3333.33 feet above sea level

(originally written August 25, 2009)

Last Saturday, something possibly approaching a “monsoon” did blow in at last, here in Kingman.  It was what we’d call a simple thunderstorm back East: strong rain, thunder and lightning, whipping breezes – lasting maybe twenty minutes or a little more.  As soon as the worst of the rain was over – it was still sprinkling and there was still some lightning though! – we took our dog Sable out View full article »

The Hualapai Mountains from Route 66 in Kingman

The Hualapai Mountains from Route 66 in Kingman

(originally written August 21, 2009)

Whew…it’s been a wild couple of days.  In the midst of dealing with one neighbor up at our friends’ property who was putting unexpected pressure on us (long pointless story), Sable got into a scrape somehow and ended up with a snakebite on her snout.  Around 4 pm, I’d been taking down laundry from the line and had heard her yelp about something, but thought it was one of the other dogs who often treats her like a third-class interloper.  When I went to look for the source of the yelp, View full article »

Mesa along I-40

Mesa along I-40

(originally written August 16, 2009)

The desert knows when too much is too much.

The washes, where rare rainwater can remain for short periods as it drains and runs off, hold more clumps of vegetation than the mesas, but also barren sands eroded off the uplands.  And then they run along the prickly-grassed meadows, which mostly aren’t covered with grass, but only with small mounds of desiccated gold in a sea of sand, stones and cinders.

Here there is no ceaseless push to get out MORE GREENERY, View full article »

The first view inside Arizona, driving west on I-40

The first view inside Arizona, driving west on I-40

(originally written August 16, 2009)

I came out here to live in a trailer in the high desert, rent-free – the trailer belonging to my boyfriend Brian, and parked on land belonging to friends – cautiously, tentatively planning to live the creative life for a time, and to do some serious thinking, while Brian lives and works five hours away.  But since even before we left Virginia, my motivation has been missing, and I can’t seem to contact my sense of purpose (or when rarely I do, I find it very shaky) in all this.

Since we arrived, I find myself caught up in guilty anxiety over the excess of possessions I own.  There’s a shame in this – View full article »

It’s an odd thing, but for months now, I have felt very little desire to speak out on issues, or get into debates with people.  Even, or maybe especially, about freedom.

For the past couple of years I’ve really been noticing how much most people only want to talk about themselves – especially on a very mundane level – and heaven forbid they return the favor and give you equal time!  The art of conversation is so far deceased that it has rotted into a putrid game of self-important, self-promoting control – harmless in a superficial sense, but deadly boring and wasteful of precious time.

But then too, I don’t care a rat’s patootie about View full article »

Brad of McBlog fame has penned a thoughtful little piece on living the “Frugalista Gulch” lifestyle – right where you are, in his case. Woohoo to you both, and welcome to the Outlaw crew!

When Wendy mentioned to me her “motivation #2” for the frugal philosophy — resisting the state — the first thing that popped into my mind was “Galt’s Gulch.” Because what we are doing is very similar to what John Galt and his fellows did when they went “on strike” and withdrew to Galt’s Gulch. We are denying the State and its army of leeches, not the product of our minds as such, but rather our productivity.

And Brad’s conclusion is right on…there are going to be thousands of “Frugalista Gulches.” Perhaps there already are.

(Thanks to Dave Gross at The Picket Line for the link!)

Freedom meme

Thanks, Lewlew, for tagging me on this one: “What motivated you to start looking into Anarchist/Libertarian thought?”


When I was in second grade and we were learning about Hawaii, the teacher told the boys to cut paper surfboards out of big rolls of construction paper and to decorate them, while the girls were told to make paper hula skirts. I remember going ballistic about that. I didn’t want to have to put on some stupid skirt and dance around in front of people just because I was a girl. View full article »

Nerd Queen!

Uber Cool Nerd Queen, thank you very much! LOL. says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd Queen. What are you? Click here!

I was so surprised by these results that I just had to post ’em. Me, uber cool? AND a nerd? Geek, maybe, but nerd??? Nerd is a title of honor, my friends! Nerd is a pride thing!

I’m such a non-techie that it’s embarrassing. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a slide rule in the flesh (or is that in the wood?)  And except for TNG, DS9, and the less bloody episodes of Firefly, I am NOT a sci-fi fan.

But you never know, I guess… 😀  So here’s one more nerd queen joining the sisterhood!

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